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Teaching the Teachers!

Before we head out for our final day in the field, a quick story about how God is moving among teachers in Ambato, Ecuador, this week!

On our team, we have a school administrator from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Part of Brent’s job this week has been visiting local schools and sharing strategies from the US to improve education. He’s also been able to share the Gospel at the end of every presentation.

Yesterday in San Fernando, Brent met with public school teachers which is different since most schools are Catholic in Ambato. Of the 19 teachers, 17 prayed to accept Jesus as their Savior! We were able to direct them to a local church immediately since the pastors were there with Brent!

Today, Brent will be Huachi Dolorosa (along with the soccer team) to share with teachers in that rural community! Please pray for guidance as he speaks to both believers and teachers who need the Lord.

Posted by: goe3 | June 24, 2010

A new beginning in San Fernado!

A team that was working San Fernado was able to share with the local mayor. The mayor is a Christian who invited their team to speak to over 150 people from the town. Then the team header up to the local school and had a leadership conference with 21 teachers. 17 of the 21 accepted Jesus!

This team also had an intoxicated gentleman follow the team for the last 3 days. Today he came to the evening meeting to check things out. As the team was doing the discipleship lesson he asked for a copy. The moment he accepted the Lord, he sobered up immediately! He started memorizing scripture verses and was amazed at how he felt! He was so excited to go share with his family about what had happened!

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Life in Latacunga

Hola from the Central Highlands of Ecuador!

Today the Latacunga team had an awesome day! We started with a visit to the local branch of Policia National. Our Karate guru Gary taught the policia ways to disarm criminals and secure them safely. At the end of the demonstration they divided into groups so that we Americans could share our testimonies and our faith. Dozens prayed to accept Jesus!

As we were leaving, the Squad Commander stopped to share with us that he is a Christian and has been lonely as the only believer. He has been praying for God to open doors with his men. Then today happened! What an amazing blessing for him and for us! Praise God!

Also in Latacunga… we have 12 year old Ben from Washington State. As we were standing on the corner waiting for a taxi, Ben shared his faith with a man. The man asked Jesus into his heart! There are people who question why children are on these missions… yet the Bible says in 1 Timothy 4:12 that even the young can be called by God!

Our soccer team also spent the day in Latacunga and had a chance to play two rounds of games with a group of children and then teens. They all enjoyed the competition as well as the gifts from ESPN Radio! But most importantly, they listened intently as we witnessed to them. Many of them prayed to receive Christ in their hearts! What a privilege to plant seeds in the lives of these young people in Ecuador!

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God Travels!

Greetings from Ambato, Ecuador, on this Wednesday morning!

Another story from our e3 team sharing the love of Jesus this week … travel with us to Huachi Dolorosa, a rural farm community buried in the mountains.

Two of our American team members visited a house where there were several sick family members. A woman named Amparo prayed to receive Christ as her Savior and then really wanted the rest of her family to hear about Him. First came her sister and then her uncle who can’t hear or speak. She also shared about her parents who are both alcoholics. Our team members prayed for Amparo and her family, and she was very emotional and grateful, even trying to pay for the prayers.

Before the team left the house, they all exchanged hugs and tears. It’s amazing to know the power of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit translates across language and cultural barriers! Our God travels with us!

Our little soccer team spent a second afternoon in Huachi Dolorosa as well. We had more than 25 children show up to play for 90 minutes. Afterwards, we shared stories from the New Testament like Jesus feeding the 5000. We also taught them the fruits of the Spirit in both Spanish and English! Awesome to hear them yelling back to us as we counted through all nine of them. Even funnier is watching the children learn to throw and catch a frisbee. They are so good-natured and they all laugh at themselves while they chase the frisbee in the wind!

Halfway through the week, there’s still much work to be done!

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A Day on the Field

Today, Michelle, Ty, Ben and Liz visited door to door in military housing.  They found many of the people open to the gospel and asking questions.  The most common conversation turned toward why works do not get you to heaven and why Jesus’ death on the cross is the only payment required for forgiveness of their sins.  One couple has opened their home for Thursday night Bible Study. 

Our pastor talked with a taxi cab dispatcher yesterday and he( Geovanny) accepted God’s gift of salvation.  They had a long conversation about how to handle problems as a believer.  We returned today and the pastor began bible Study with him.  He is eager to continue Bible Study and begin meeting with the new believers.

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God LOVES San Fernando!

Another quick story from Monday in Ambato with our e3 team … Terri Long is part of a group with members from Washington state and California. They’re taking a bus an hour outside of the city to help plant a church in San Fernando. Their story goes before them and prepares the way! As they’re getting off the bus, dozens of Ecuadorians are waiting for them to know more about what they’re doing and why they’re showing up every day. They are hungry to hear more about Jesus and having a relationship with the Lord. The American team is sharing its testimonies about life back at home and what it means to follow Jesus.

The response from the locals has been overwhelming! One teacher has asked the e3 team to show up at her school and share with 21 other teachers AND about 250 schoolchildren!! On Wednesday, an administrator will work with the teachers, and another woman will head into the classroom. San Fernando will also get a visit from our karate guru Gary. 🙂

More than 80 professions of faith in two days and nearly 60 kids participating in the childrens’ program demonstrate the power of God is alive and well in Ambato!

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Starting the Work Week!

Greetings once again from the Central Highlands in Ambato, Ecuador!

First day of the work week and our first full day of WORKING here in the area! We’ve gathered some amazing stories from the various teams spread out in the region.

One team member from Temecula, California, uses his karate skills and abilities to share his faith. Gary Kruger and one of our trip leaders Diego spent a good portion of the day on an Ecuadorian Air Force base in Latacunga. There were more than 300 soldiers gathered to see the karate demonstation and hear about Gary’s relationship with Jesus Christ! The more he talked, the closer they pressed forward. Dozens of them prayed to ask the Lord for forgiveness of sins and to begin their own relationships with Him.

Our soccer team switched locations today and ended up in a rural farm community where we were able to play with more than 20 schoolchildren. We taught Psalms 23:6, and it was great to hear them yelling it back at us. 🙂 We also introduced them to frisbee and held contests for prizes (from ESPN Radio) which resulted in gales of laughter! We also had many of the same children come to our evening church service where they learned about creation and did crafts with their 11-year-old teacher Maggie from Grafton, Wisconsin! 🙂

It’s only day 2, and we already see God’s hand moving in Ambato!!

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Soccer lives!

Greetings from Ambato, Ecuador! More specifically, we’re in the shadows of Tungurahua, the volcano that erupted nearby just weeks ago. Today, the volcano still has smoke pouring from its mouth, and you can imagine the power and anger when it explodes.

Our little soccer team got a jumpstart today when we discovered a small concrete “field” in the middle of the city. We recruited enough people to divide into three separate teams, and many people lined the sidewalks around the playing surface. You wouldn’t believe how they cheer and yell and how well these tiny children handle the ball from ages six, seven, and eight-years-old. Future World Cup stars!

Tomorrow, we will set out for a new adventure in a new rural area to recruit more soccer players and then share our testimonies and stories with them. Many of the kids who played soccer today ended up attending our evening church service! We are trying to build relationships and share how Jesus has changed our lives!

What a privilege to be here on Father’s Day! It was great to see and hear all our translators calling their “papas” to send their love. We saw many large families gathered today to celebrate Father’s Day, even in Ecuador!

Thanks for all of your support and interest! Can’t wait to share our pictures when we return!

Wooooo! Amy

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Beginning the Work

Posted by Jay Gordon from Liz’s email:

We had our first day out today with our pastor.  His name is Ruben.  He worked with a team from Pelham two years ago and the church they helped start is doing very well.  We will be working with him to start a church in some condos where military families live.  Our little group has the privilege of not only doing our normal door to door and discipleship, but we algo get to spend some time each day doing a variety of others things.

One man will speak with the soldiers at the military base, some 200-300 hundred on Monday.  He will be doing karate demonstrations.  We will then break into groups and share the gospel with them.  We also will go into a couple of christian schools and share the HIV cube as well as the gospel with them.  Those who desire to accept Christ will be followed up by the teachers in the school for discipleship.  We also get to visit a couple of jails and the pastor will do the discipleship with them.  Andy and his soccer team will also be working in our area to reach young men.  So, I am excited to see what the Lord has in store.

Pray for enough church workers to be able to work with us this week.

Many have to work and need bosses to be gracious to let them off.

Thank you so much for praying.

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Made It!

Team Ambato has made it to Ambato! It was a long trip but we are here and well!

We want to tell all the fathers Happy Father’s Day!

We will update more later this morning! We thank you all for your prayers!

Team Ambato 2010

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